Since 2011, the Smile Factory aims at making you smile!
The economic crisis, unemployment, climate change, corruption, depression, wars… everything seems to go wrong. In order to help you stop feeling depressed (life is short after all so let’s enjoy it!) the Smile Factory publishes since 2011 and every day via its newsletter and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and iPhone app) one new smile. The smile is either coloured, positive, amused or sarcastic, it depends on the mood. 
Around a thousand original smiles were created over the past years.
The Smile Factory also responds to specific orders: made-to-measure projects such as frescos in hospitals, events for companies, hotels or charities, exhibitions all over the world…
The Factory has plenty of ideas!
In October 2015, the Smile Factory opened its  first shop in Paris where limited editions of smiling paintings, prints, and objects can be purchased.


– Ritz, Hong Kong – Ritz, Singapour
– Pacific Place, Hong Kong
– La Cité Radieuse, Le Corbusier, Marseille
– Musée de La Vieille Charité, Marseille
– Valhrona, Hong Kong
–, Paris
– Artsper, galerie d’art numérique
– Hôpital Trousseau
– Hôpital Kremlin-Bicêtre
– Clinique Saint-Martin Sud
– Hôpital Le Fôl, Saint Brieuc
– Capitale Européenne de la Culture, Marseille 2013
– Fondation Alliance for Smile, Singapour
– Wallah We Can





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